US Postal Service Launches New Batman Themed Stamps

USA Today reports that the US Postal Service will be releasing new 75th Anniversary Batman stamps with a launch at the New York Comic Con. Other heroes to get their own stamps over the years include The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman.

DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee said: “Batman is the most popular Superhero of all time, and it is an honor to have the U.S. Postal Service feature the Caped Crusader on this new set of stamps in celebration of his 75th anniversary. Batman has inspired and influenced fans around the world for generations and will continue to do so for the next 75 years and beyond.”

Every sheet contains twenty stamps with eight designs representing four different eras of Batman. These include his start in 1939 and his current look. They are 49 cents each but will still be good if postal rates go up.

US Postal Service Director of stamp services and corporate licensing, Susan McGowan, added: “He is the quintessential American superhero. What a great place to celebrate him — on a stamp. We are always looking for ideas and subjects that are important to America. We all quickly thought, ‘Wow! This will be thrilling.’”

Twenty-five limited-edition stamps are released every year, with one or two a month and a few more during the holidays. There will be a ceremony fror the Batman stamps at the New York Comic Con kickoff Oct. 9.

When asked if fans could get a villain on a stamp like the Joker, McGowan replied: “Send in a suggestion. We get thousands every year.”

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