Plot Details Leaked For Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?


Badass Digest has revealed several details about Superman’s possible status in the world during Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, based on what they claim is Chris Terrio’s script from just before production began. Click away if you don’t want any spoilers.

The film will open with Batman’s origin story and then quickly jump forward to Bruce Wayne arriving in Metropolis during the Superman/Zod fight. After that, the film focuses on Superman and looks at the fallout from Man of Steel. It takes place a couple of years after that film. Clark Kent and Lois Lane are now living together and Clark is working at the Daily Planet. At one point he is told to cover a Metropolis/Gotham football game when he’d rather cover Batman. At one point tin the movie, Lois is in the Middle East for a story when Superman arrives to help. This becomes an international incident as other nations see him as a tool of the US. China doesn’t even want him in their air space.

Other moments seem to address fan complaints from the last film. At one point Superman stops a bad guy and tells him, “I won’t snap your neck, I’m going to take you to prison.” At another point, he still shows signs of anger as he threatens to break someone’s back. Later on, during a fight with Doomsday, General Swanwick tells the military that Superman will move the fight away from populated areas because that’s what heroes do.

If this is true, then it’s from a script that was finished a month before filming started. That means there could have been changes before the end of shooting and editing.

A caveat on this, and my previous Batman reporting – this information comes from a script that was handed in a month before principal photography began. While the broad strokes surely will make it into the film, small details like dialogue and character moments could be cut from the script or in the editing room before the movie reaches theaters.