Interview Scores $15 Millon Online – North Korean Government Blames President Obama


TMZ reports that the North Korean government is angry at US President Barack Obama for “forcing” Sony Pictures to release The Interview and blames the US for a cyber counter attack on the country. The country was recently linked with the Sony Pictures hacking scandal, which later saw The Interview pulled from all major theaters due to terrorist threats.

After The Interview was pulled for its major theatrical release, President Obama spoke out and said it was a mistake. The film was later released on VOD and for a limited theatrical run in smaller movie houses earlier this week.

In addition, a representative for Kim Jong-un’s National Defense Commission used a racial epithet when speaking about Obama. In an angry statement after the movie’s release, the representative stated, “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest.”

North Korea denied any involvement with the hacking of Sony Pictures. In addition, the North Korean government believes the recent internet outage in the country was caused by Washington, DC in retaliation. North Korea’s statement also threatens “consequences” against the US.

You can now watch The Interview from any device here: The Interview

Sony Pictures has announced that The Interview has brought in $15 million in revenue via online sales and rentals since its release on Wednesday. The film, which brought in $2.9 million thus far in a limited theatrical release, has been available on Google Play, YouTube and Xbox Video; it was made available on iTunes Sunday.

The film cost $45 million to produce, which means it still has a ways to make up until it turns a profit. However there is always the possibility of a wider theatrical release, though Sony has not announced any such plans yet. Foreign box office could help as well, as paid downloads are not currently available outside of domestic areas.