The Interview Hits $31 Million in Digital Revenue


Sony Pictures has announced that The Interview has earned just over $31 million in online revenue through Sunday. Since being released online, the film has earned over 4.3 million legal downloads. That number adds to $5.1 million in domestic theatrical grosses for a $36.1 million total gross to date.

The film was shelved from a planned Christmas release date over the now-infamous Sony hack and threats by the hacker group, Guardians of Peace, of 9/11-like violence. Sony canceled the release after many theater owners balked (with Sony’s permission) at screening the film due to the threats. It was instead released on YouTube, Google Play and Microsoft Xbox and in a limited release, followed by Apple and cable/satellite companies coming on board shortly after.

Sony’s handling of the release has reportedly damaged its relationship with theater chains, many of whom were incensed at the way Sony directed responsibility for the film’s cancellation their way after public opinion quickly turned against the studio for not releasing it.