Star Lord As The New Indiana Jones?


“Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?” It looks like Chris Pratt may have another franchise heading his way. We knew things were going amazingly for Pratt’s career when he added Guardians of the Galaxy, The LEGO Movie and Jurassic World to his resume, but now he is reportedly being eyed by Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm to replace Harrison Ford as the new Indiana Jones. According to Deadline, while plans are still in early stages, the studios have their attention set on Pratt to play the iconic role.

Adding Shia Labeouf to the franchise didn’t score a lot of fans in 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull but it didn’t lack on the financial end pulling $317.1 million domestically and $786.6 million worldwide. Disney acquired the rights to the franchise as part of the Lucasfilm buy and have hinted that plans are being discussed. Disney is currently working with Harrison Ford in the newest installment of Star Wars. We should mention Ford has said he’d like to play the role again.