Andrew Garfield Is No Longer Spider-Man


Now that Spider-Man has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Andrew Garfield is officially out. According to Variety, the plan is to put Spider-Man back in high school for its next films. According to sources close to the studio, Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner, Teen Wolf) and Logan Lerman (Fury, the Percy Jacksonfranchise) have been mentioned as possibilities for role. Sony has yet to decide whether to go with Peter Parker or Miles Morales, the multi-cultural Spider-Man from the Ultimates universe. The plan is to spend more time in the high school setting “and explore his awkward relationship with other students while fighting crime out of the classroom.”

Plans are said to be moving quickly so that the new actor can be introduced in Captain America: Civil War.

Variety says that Sony’s Spider-Man spin-offs are currently still in the works. That means that Sinister Six, Venom and the reported female Spider-Man character film are still moving forward for now, although The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is dead.