Full Length ‘Frozen’ Sequal Not Happening Anytime Soon


While Frozen Fever is set to debut in theaters tomorrow, we have to wait a little longer for a full-length sequel.

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee said they need some time before they jump into a proper sequel to the original movie. “It was really nice to do a short and just get back with these characters who we love without the pressure of having to do a huge sequel,” Buck told the Huffington Post. “We’re going to take a little bit of a break from the ‘Frozen’ stuff before diving into anything else.”

Here is the synopsis for ‘Frozen Fever’ from imdb.com: On Anna’s birthday, Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa’s icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.

Frozen Fever starts in theaters everywhere tomorrow, playing before Disney’s new live-action film, Cinderella.