Chunk Not Returning For Goonies 2


During an interview with Yahoo, Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk in The Goonies, advised he wouldn’t be back for a sequel, talked Sloth, and discussed improvising during the film…

On Sloth: “He was very nice. Jon Matuszak was huge, first of all. I think he was 6-foot-7 or maybe he was taller than that. When he played in the NFL, he was a defensive lineman for the Raiders, and when he played he was the largest man in the National Football League. John was really nice to me and it was fun to work with him. But it’s funny, when I was a teenager and I would start to watch the old NFL films and they would have films of John playing for the Raiders, he was one the meanest players in the history of the league [laughs]. He would just terrify people on the field, which was totally shocking to me. I knew him as Sloth, the nice, lovable giant.”

On improvising: “Dick Donner encouraged me to improvise. I talk about pushing my sister Edie down the stairs. I actually do have a sister Edie. Or my Uncle Max’s toupee. I actually do have an Uncle Max, who did not have a toupee, but all his friends thought he had a toupee because his nephew Jeff talked about his toupee in the scene. A lot of it was improv but the throw-up part, that part was written by Chris Columbus. That part was actually in the script already. I wish I was smart enough to figure that one out, but Chris wrote that part.”

Goonies 2 return: “Look, being an actor is great, I miss being an actor. I think anyone who’s been an actor, you kind of miss it even if you were just in school plays. You miss it because it was a fun experience. But I think I’m going to stick with the entertainment-law thing. That seems to be working out [laughs].”