Jon Watts Talks His Version OF Spider-Man


During a sit down with IGN, upcoming director of the latest take on Spider-Man, Jon Watts discussed our favorite web slinger.

Being asked if he was a fan of Spider-Man: “Yeah, I wasn’t, like, a crazy comic-book fan, but absolutely. I mean, I think every kid is a Spider-Man fan at some point. It’s a phase you go through because he’s just the most relatable of all the [superhero] characters.”

His favorite superhero movies: “I don’t want to say anything specific because I don’t want to give away any of the things I like the most, because I want to save those for my movie… [laughs] I’m not really thinking about it in those terms. I’m thinking about it more as my favorite coming-of-age movies. I have a lot! I love Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything and Almost Famous, I think those are really great coming-of-age movies. Can’t Buy Me Love is a really great one.”

How he plans on working Spider-Man into the MCU: “Well yeah, he’s in a world where the Avengers exist. So that already puts lots of possibilities at play. It’s all the same universe, so definitely. It has to make sense logically.”