Ben Affleck Talks Differences Between His and Christopher Nolan’s Batman


During a recent interview with Studio Cine Live (via THR), Ben Affleck talked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the difference between his, and Christopher Nolan’s version or The Bat.

Affleck on his version of Bruce Wayne: “He lives that life at full tilt. He courts many women, owns many cars, and parties a lot. He does that as a way to fill the void in his soul. Moreover, past incarnations dealt with a straightforward search for justice. This time, Batman’s reasoning is clouded by frustration, bitterness and anger.”

Affleck on Chris Nolan’s version of Batman: “Christopher Nolan used his Batman to tell a finite story. My version is different, but remains faithful to the Batman mythology and all the themes associated with it. Nolan’s Batman isn’t part of a universe where other superheroes exist as well. Here — because we’re working towards the Justice League — there’s Superman, and it’s a world populated with super beings. This situation generates an altogether new reality.”