John Boyega Says Tone Of Star Wars: Episode VIII Is Darker


During a recent interview with Vogue, John Boyega talked Star Wars: Episode VIII and advised it will be darker in tone than Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here are highlights:

On the film’s script: “It’s great. Much darker, but we’re very excited.”

On getting the role of Finn: “When I found out I had the part, the overwhelming feeling was of relief. I’d been auditioning for seven months so it was just unbelievable to think, yes, finally I know for sure I’m going to be in this film. In terms of what’s changed, my life back home in London is still pretty normal. I mostly drove everywhere around where I live even before I got that part, so that has meant my life just goes on as normal. I was in Wandsworth this morning.”

On training to get in shape for the film: “No, for this film we really just took it scene by scene, there wasn’t a huge regime. My part in the next film will be much more physical so I might be in the gym a bit more.”