Adam McKay Talks Potential Step Brothers


During a recent sit down with IGN, director Adam McKay said that a sequel Step Brothers is a possibility, especially when its stars are a little older: “You know, never say never. Not right now, but man oh man, if we had an idea, and the funny thing is the older Will [Ferrell] and [John C.] Reilly get, the funnier idea gets. So is it possible when they’re like 57/58-years old, we do a Step Brothers sequel? Maybe. I certainly love that movie. I think that movie makes me laugh the hardest of anything we’ve done. Although I love all the movies we’ve done, but that’s the one that really makes me laugh… There’s an aggressiveness to it that I really like. It’s just unflinching and insane. It’s also my favorite ending of any movie that we’ve ever done. That opera song at the end is kind of beautiful but unhinged and I just love that ending.”