Ryan Reynolds warned producers of X-Men Origins about their depiction of Deadpool


Ryan Reynolds recently discussed Deadpool on Entertainment Weekly’s radio show on SiriusXM. He shared some fairly shocking details about “Origins” and what exactly went wrong. He said, “If you watch the movie, you’ll see it’s partly me playing it and then I said, ‘I can’t do this’. Then they have another actor playing it. So you see in the movie that it’s me with my shirt off and my mouth sewn shut and I look a little bit more like Dick Van Dyke next to the new guy, who is like 20 pounds more muscle than me and just this huge martial arts guy.” At the time, he says he warned producers that fans would hate the changes they were making to the character — which they did. “The movie was very successful,” he said. “But the Deadpool part they didn’t like at all. Oh god, I remember getting a call from that same executive who said ‘can you fly back and reshoot some stuff?’ and I’m like ‘I’m shooting another movie, I can’t!’”

We do have a happy ending though, as you can see Deadpool as the comic books intended, in theaters now. It all worked out in the end as Reynolds got to finally make the “Deadpool”