Chadwick Boseman Talks Black Panther in Civil War:


Chadwick Boseman recently spoke with IGN about his role as Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War. The highlights are below:

How Panther differs from Iron Man, and Captain America: “I think the difference in him is that he’s a ruler of a country. That’s the difference. I wouldn’t even call him a superhero. In the mythology of the country, he’s not a superhero. He’s a warrior, and it’s part of their tradition…[In Wakanda, no one is asking] ‘Who is that masked guy that’s doing this stuff?’ Everybody knows it’s him, and they expect that it’s him, and they pray to God, or even him in some cases, that he would do the things that he’s doing. Which is much different than most of the superheroes in which you don’t know their identity and you don’t know when they might show up. There’s an expectation that’s much different. So that’s the main difference.”

Does Panther see Iron Man and Captain America as equals or people who should take orders from him: “That’s a good question. I would say it’s both. There’s always going to be a sense, like if you’re a monarch, that you — it’s not a superiority, but I could always call rank if I have my own country, you know? [Laughs] There’s a space in which I rule. If I’m not in that space, it’s much different though. We’re not in Wakanda, as I said, and all is fair in love and war. Things become equal in war. If you’re not an officer on one side or the other, you can’t really pull rank.”

On the Civil War conflict: “He sees both sides of the coin. He sees both sides. It’s necessary to stop crime and to protect your country. He understands that, because that’s what he has to do. But there’s a way to do it that is the best way. Like if it was the Art of War, it would be like, how can you inflict less pain? How can fewer people die and still win the war? He’s a tactician. He’s a strategist, so he appreciates that thought process. So it’s both sides.”