Deadpool 2 Creative Team Talks Cable


During a recent interview with IGN, the creative team behind Deadpool opened up about what they wanted from Cable in Deadpool 2.

Director Tim Miller on Cable’s role in a Deadpool movie: “There’s a lot about Cable’s history that I like because he’s so intertwined with the world of the X-Men. Why he was put together with Deadpool – other than that he was in a comic that wasn’t selling well and Deadpool was in a comic that wasn’t selling well so they put them together – it’s the same reason we had Colossus; he’s a straight man. And I think Deadpool needs a straight man. Cable is the ultimate, archetypal, silent, strong and cynical warrior, which Deadpool is not.”

Screenwriter Rhett Reese on what they’re looking for in the actor: “Strength, gravitas, a purposefulness that Deadpool doesn’t have. Deadpool’s kind of got ADD, and we think of Cable as someone who locks onto something and is going to get that thing solved no matter what.”

Screenwriter Paul Wernick also added that the person to play Cable should also be “physically imposing.”