Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Discusses His Magnificent Seven Character


During a recent interview with Fox News Latino, actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo opened up about his role in The Magnificent Seven remake. Garcia-Rulfo portrays the outlaw Vasquez in the movie.

Garcia-Rulfo on appearing in a new wester: “The opportunity to be in a western of this magnitude – it’s just amazing,” he told Fox News Latino recently. “To be a kid again and get on a horse and shoot (guns).”

On how he imagined Vasquez when he read the script: “I thought it was very interesting to try to play him. When I read scripts images started popping up in my head about the character and I always stay with those images because they come from a very instinctive place and it fires you up a little … and with Vasquez (it was like that). … He loves to be on the line between life and death and loves to defy death. He’s into action, into adrenaline.”

On the diverse cast for the movie: “That’s (also) the way life is now. And I think it’s the way life was back then. That’s how America started – people from Asia, Europe, everywhere.”

On how he and Fuqua avoided Vasquez being a stereotypical character: “When I talked to Antoine about the character he said, ‘Manuel I want you to be as authentic as you can be. Go to the wardrobe people tell them your ideas, and if you see something in the script that is not authentic for you as a Mexican, you change it.’ To me it’s important to have that authenticity (and) I was grateful to bring my own thing and the way I see the character.”