Eddie Murphy Could Have Been a Part Of The Star Trek Universe


During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Steve Meerson revealed Eddie Murphy almost had a role in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Murphy would have played an astrophysicist at Berkeley, but the casting deal fell apart:

On Eddie Murphy’s intended role in the film: “It was always the same story that approved, but the original draft included a part for Eddie Murphy. Eddie was on the lot at Paramount at the time and arguably was the biggest star in the word. They had told us he was a huge Star Trek fan.”

On the writing process: “At the beginning of the process, it was actually a lot of fun. As the process progressed, it became less fun, because it became more political. And I don’t say that with any bitterness. It’s just the way things work in all businesses. We began to feel like at a certain point that this was going to be taken away from us, which in fact, it was.”

On changes that had to be made: “Harve Bennett said, ‘We need to Trek this up. You guys have done an amazing job, but we now need to Trek this up.’ From what I’ve read online and what I know we did, the process of ‘Treking it up’ — I don’t think there were very substantial changes from what we had handed them,” he says. “For us, we just derived a great sense of satisfaction. We always had a lot of pride in our work and this other stuff is kind of irrelevant. It’s just interesting the way things go. It just got very political, and that’s OK.”