Ryan Reynolds, Simon Kinberg Talk Deadpool 2


Ryan Reynolds and Simon Kinberg recently spoke with EW and offered an update on Deadpool 2, advising they don’t want to fall into the trap of overwhelming the material with an overly epic scope.

“That’s the biggest mandate going into on the second film: to not make it bigger,” Kinberg says. “We have to resist the temptation to make it bigger in scale and scope, which is normally what you do when you have a surprise hit movie… It has tonally and stylistically be as fresh and original. That’s a big challenge especially because they had ten years to gestate on the first movie and we don’t have that kind of time on the second movie.”

Reynolds added, “We’re just in the development stage but we’re about to move into production…I love John Wick. One of the things that David Leitch does that very few filmmakers can do these days is they can make a movie on an ultra-tight minimal budget look like it was shot for 10-15 times what it cost.”