Katherine Waterston Discusses Character in Alien: Covenant


ComingSoon.net recently interviewed Alien: Covenant star Katherine Waterston. The film arrives in theaters May 19, 2017:

Waterston on her character Daniels: “[She] has really good instincts, and she has a concern, about where they are going on that ship… She’s questioning leadership there a little too, I think.”

Waterston on Daniels’ bravery and resilience: “It’s one of those things, you always wonder, what kind of person you would be in an extreme crisis. Will you be a coward, or will you be courageous. And I think she’s just one of those people, who, if her kids were in a car that was on fire, she’d be able to lift up a car. You hear those stories about people doing extraordinary things, so, yeah. It’s like that.”