Jeremy Renner Wants Hawkeye/Black Widow Movie


Recently, Jeremy Renner spoke with the Edmonton Sun and advised he’d love to see a movie featured on Hawkeye and Black Widow. “I always thought it would make sense early on to do a Hawkeye/Widow movie because they’re quite similar – they don’t have powers, have high skill sets, and have history together, but I don’t think there are any discussions about that happening,” Renner said. “I’d love to do it though.”

When speaking on the relationship with the other Avengers cast members: “We’ve become great friends,” Renner said. “I see Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Scarlett Johansson quite a lot. Chris Hemsworth has been so busy I haven’t hung out with him for a while and Elizabeth Olsen is a neighbor, so I see her quite often.”