Wonder Woman Director Discusses Upcoming Film

During recent conversations with Coming Soon, Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot discussed changes in the Wonder Woman character and more:

On the inclusion of Doctor Poison: “I thought it was important that it not be evil done by any gender or any person is about damage and darkness, and what creates evil. She’s an interesting character, we don’t get super into her backstory, but we know her backstory which is that she’s a woman whose had all kinds of damage in her life and now she delights in bringing that to other people’s lives, like ‘Oh, now you see what I know. You can’t take it.’ There is that way of being a damaged and dark person where you’re waiting for other people to face that wrath too. The naivete is infuriating (to her). So I loved that about her, and she’s a character who is focused in on developing all kinds of toxic weapons and tools.”

On if the film explains Diana’s “jaded feelings” in Batman V Superman: “Yes, there will be, and also it illuminates that there might be a misunderstanding of how we’re perceiving what she actually is thinking in the future. I think this movie ends great and in a way that really helps you to understand her, and she has a lot of shades in the future, but I think really when you look at BvS, it’s a snapshot. You’re not getting a lot of information about her point of view and so I think there’s a lot of complexity in why she’s saying what she’s saying and why she is who she is.”

Gal Gadot on how Diana changed between Wonder Woman and Batman V Superman: “The character that we shot, that I played in BvS was more realistic and more mature and more of a woman. In this one, this is the coming of age of Diana. She starts as a very naive girl, naive, positive, happy, seeking-for-good girl, but in BvS, she’s been, she’s been through a lot. She already understood the complexity of human beings.”