Screenwriter Talks The Fate of the Furious

During a recent interview with Coming Soon, screenwriter Chris Morgan discussed The Fate of the Furious and carrying on the franchise’s themes of loyalty and family. Here are some of the highlights:

How The Fate of the Furious reinforces those themes: “Even deciding to do the movie after 7, especially after the tragedy with Paul and everyone having to link arms and try to decide whether to continue and how to give a great end to that movie. I think we did a good job for the audience and to give a cathartic send-off. We kinda stopped and had to really look at each other and say, “Is there a need to do another one? Do we WANT to do another one?” The answer is unless we have a story that’s really different and really worth telling, then we just don’t do it. We’ve had seven movies where our guys say, “You’ve gotta stick together as a family and you solve the problem together,” and they do. Suddenly there’s this exciting idea of what happens when the guy who’s the father figure, who’s your brother, who’s the moral core and has taught you all your lessons about your code and your life… What if he breaks from that and goes dark? What do the people around him do? Do they fall apart? Do they stick to the lessons? Something about that felt different for the franchise, an interesting question for the character that I think we want to lean into. Just that core idea got everyone really excited.”

What sets the new trilogy apart: “I think what we set up in 8 will pay off in 9 and 10. It feels like we’re building up to a big last showdown. I think you’re gonna feel the velocity moving towards an end of something. I think that’s gonna be important. If you’re a fan of the franchise you’re gonna want to see it, because it may be the conclusion.”

Has he ever pitched a set piece that producers thought was too crazy?: “That pretty much happens every movie. We only have two hours, we only have a certain budget, and I tend to think a lot in set pieces. This one we honed down pretty well. We knew we were gonna do the car race in cuba. By the way, that car race idea was actually something we wanted to do for the third movie. The original pitch for “Tokyo Drift” — I guess for the fourth one too — was Dominic Toretto goes to Japan ’cause something happened. Originally that sequence where Dom has to keep a car going even when it’s trying to break down was there. We’d never found a place to put it and we found the perfect place in Cuba. But, I’m trying to think of something that was too gigantic… we have a couple but the only problem is we may end up using them in what comes next.”