Tom Hardy Writes Letter To His Deceased Dog

With a recent post on Tumblr, Tom Hardy shared a tribute to his “bestest friend ever”, his dog Woody. Woody went with Hardy to film premieres, movie sets and was even featured in Time‘s most influential animals. Here are some highlights from Hardy’s letter:

On how he rescued Woody: “I first saw Woodstock [Woody] running across a turnpike we were turning onto late one dark night in Peachtree Georgia Atlanta. Whilst we were shooting Lawless. He was a stray. 11 weeks old. Oh No we thought. Quickly Go get that dog…”

On how he came up with the dog’s name: “Jessica asked me was he a girl or a boy. Its a boy I said. How do you know. Erm… I can feel his Woodstock. great !!! let’s call him Woodstock!!! And so it was.”

On those who met Woody: “Everyone who met him loved him. He didn’t have a bad bone in his body. All he knew was love.”

On the dog’s six-month battle “with an aggressive polymyostisis”, which causes skeletal muscle damage: “Woody passed away, two days ago. He was only Age 6. He was Far too young to leave us and We at home are devastated by his loss I am ultimately grateful for his loyal companionship and love and it is of some great comfort that he is no longer suffering.”