FBI visits Zeigler, city treasurer placed on leave

(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

The Zeigler City Council placed City Treasurer Ryan Thorpe on administrative leave without pay Thursday night after the FBI earlier in the day executed a search warrant at City Hall and at his home.
Reports say FBI agents took from Thorpe’s home ATVs, firearms and a motorcycle. It’s not known at this time if agents took anything from the treasurer’s office.

Mayor Dennis Mitchell told those in attendance that past city audits showed no money missing including the most recent audit that was completed back in April. When asked how long it would take to see if any money was missing, Mitchell said the current audit would not be due until December, but thought it would be reasonable to ask the auditor to speed up the process. That’s according to the Southern Illinoisan. Mitchell said he was told the investigation would not take long, but wasn’t for sure how long it would actually take.