First Debate Gets Heated as Gubernatorial Candidates Trade Barbs

Chicago – Debate season is underway and last night Governor Bruce Rauner and his opponents engaged in an at tines heated discussion detailing each candidates plans for the office. Each candidate was given a chance to speak. Governor Rauner called out his Democrat opponent JB Pritzker, stating that Pritzker was planning massive tax hikes for the state, and claiming that Senator Sam McCann was being paid to run by Speaker of the House Michael Madigan to take conservative votes from him. Pritzker, as he has through his campaign made mentions of changing the state’s flat income tax into a graduated system that would see higher incomes taxed at a higher rate, but when pressed on the numbers, Pritzker stated that state legislators should decide. The two candidates without backing from the power parties took shots at the money Governor Rauner and Pritzker have spent on their campaigns, roughly 200 million dollars between them, questioning their fiscal responsibility. The next debate is scheduled for October 3rd.