Senator Fowler Files Legislation for Hardin County to Buy Work Camp From the State

Harrisburg – Senator Dale Fowler is filing legislation to begin the process of transferring property ownership of the Hardin County Work Camp to the county. The bill would allow the Illinois Department of Corrections to sell the Hardin County Work Camp property to Hardin County for $1. In turn, Hardin County can use the property for public purposes, including the creation of a detention center. Fowler says that the aim of this legislation is to empower Hardin County, placing the property in their control as local officials continue to seek out the funding needed to reopen the facility,” The Hardin County Sheriff’s Department recently announced their intentions to reopen the Work Camp, with the prospect of housing 100 inmates and creating upwards of 40 new jobs in the area. The bill will reviewed at the next veto session in November.