New Movies This Weekend in Theatres Near You!

There’s four new movies coming out this weekend!  From a family friendly film all the way to well, Hellfest!
Small Foot, an animated flick about a yeti community who venture outside of their world to discover what lies outside their village.
Night School featuring Kevin Hart, about a salesman who has to get his GED and conquer the challenges that comes along with night school.
The Old Man and The Gun a dramedy about a seventy year old man that confuddles the public as well as the authorities with his stunts and heists that he manages to pull off.
and finally, Hell Fest, where three young couples head to check out a traveling “ghoulish” carnival get a surprise when a masked serial killer makes them his entertainment.

Here’s the trailer for Small Foot, the best pick of these four if you’re taking the whole family.