New Movies Coming to a Theater Near You This Weekend!

Two big ones coming this weekend!!! I don’t know about you, but several of us here at Withers Broadcasting are pretty stoked about the new releases this weekend!

A Star is Born features Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in a film looks to be very promising and overall inspiring. A Star is Born is about a musician who helps a young aspiring singer to find fame while they find love with each other.  But as Ally’s (Gaga) music career soars, Jackson Maine (Cooper) fights his own battles.

Tom Hardy is the star of the latest Marvel flick as Eddie Brock in Venom.  In an experiment gone wrong, or maybe right in this case, Hardy’s character merges with an alien called Venom, and he’s left with superhuman powers.  He then has to use the powers of Venom to save his own life.  Embrace your anti-hero.