City of Herrin to Smoke Test Sewer Lines

Herrin – The City of Herrin is set to begin smoke testing sewer lines tomorrow. The smoke test is designed to help inspection crews find breaks and defects within the sewer collection system. The smoke is non-toxic, white to gray in color and is odorless. The smoke should not enter your home unless you have a defect in you plumbing system at which point you should leave your home and notify the work crews. If you are not home during the testing and discover smoke when you return, you are asked to call 942-3177 to make a report. 

The list of locations is as follows:

1. West Monroe St. from 19th to the railroad tracks

2. 19th and 20th Streets from Monroe St. to W. Herrin St.

3. 17th Street from Ash St. to Van Buren St.

4. 18th St. from Van Buren St. to W. Herrin St.

5. All of the Montebello Estates Subdivision

6. All of the Cox Addition Subdivision

7. 3rd St. from Herrin St. to Carrol St.

8. Carrol St. from 3rd to 7th St. near City Park