Confusing “American” Movie Elements

Buzzfeed made a list of cliches in movies in America that confuse people around the world…

1.  Obsessively caring about Halloween.
But who doesn’t LOVE Halloween?

2.  Eating huge amounts of meatloaf.
Okay, yeah, this is a little strange…

3.  Ending some phone calls without saying “bye.”
I don’t like this either. I expect a lot of “I love you”s and “no you hang up first”s

4.  Eating out of Chinese takeout boxes.
This does happen in a lot of American television…

5.  Always having a big bowl of salad on the dinner table that’s mostly just lettuce.
I don’t do this. But I’m not much of a salad person. That must be why I constantly gain weight.

6.  Going out for ice cream constantly.
Is it really a thing?  Movies do like ice cream trips… How often do you go?

7.  Drinking out of red Solo cups at parties.
This one’s good.  I wonder what they drink out of in other countries.

8.  Always having a baseball bat handy around the house when we hear a noise.
It does seem like in the movies they have a bat at the ready in any room at any given time.

9.  Obsessing about the prom and looking at it as a key milestone in life.
Was just discussing that every teen angsty show always treats prom like the best thing to ever happen.

10.  Always having a bag of frozen peas in the freezer but never to eat, just to put on bruises.
Haha! So true.