State Representatives Holding Town Hall in Marion on Monday

Marion – State Representatives Terri Bryant, Dave Severin and Patrick Windhorst are hosting a legislative town hall and listening session in Marion on Monday, Feb. 4 from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Midwest Event Center in Marion. It’s located at 11580 Route 37 North. The representatives will make themselves available to discuss their own legislative agendas, their thoughts on actions taken during the first weeks of the Pritzker administration, and take questions from audience members. Issues for discussion include abortion (the most recent executive order and legislative efforts to respond, gun control(gun dealer licensing bill, assault weapon ban, SB 888), the progressive tax proposal, job creation and outmigration. Other topics that the representatives will entertain questions/comments on include legalized recreational marijuana, immigration, property taxes, and infrastructure needs. If you have any questions, contact Representative Bryant’s office in Murphysboro at 684-1100, Representative Severin’s office at 440-5090 or Representative Windhorst’s office at The town hall is open to the public.