Jordan Peele Has “Us” Thinking

The newest “horror” movie from the mind of Jordan Peele drove in quite the crowd for it’s opening weekend, making over $70 million.

Don’t expect this to just be a “sit down and be scared” kind of film.  Be ready for your brain to be shocked at the twist at the end, that some saw coming, while others did not. had given “Us” a score of 94%.
Lupita Nyong’O stars in the film, and after a quick look at her bio on Rotten, all but one of her films have a score of 90% or higher.
Her performance is quite phenomenal in “Us” and some people are certain she will receive an award for her performance.

When you head to see “Us”, be ready to be in suspense, and in thought about “what is actually going on here?”

You’ve probably seen the trailer, as it was one of the trailers featured during the “Big Game”, but here ya go-