100 Best Films of the Decade

There’s so many lists “of the decade” swarming about the internet.
And of course, there had to be a “100 Best Films of the Decade” list.
ThePlaylist.Net has us covered. 


If you don’t want to have to click through to find the top ten, here ya go:

10. “Toni Erdmann” (2016)
9. “Under the Skin”(2013)
8. “Dogtooth” (2010)
7. “Inside Llewyn Davis” (2013)
6. “Moonlight” (2016)
5. “Tree Of Life” (2011)
4. “The Master” (2012)
3. “The Act of Killing” (2012)
2. “A Separation” (2011)
1. “Burning”(2018)

And if these really are the best films of the decade, looks like we have a lot of watching to catch up on!