City of Harrisburg Signs Contract with Deaconess Illinois EMS

City of Harrisburg Signs Contract with Deaconess Illinois EMS

HARRISBURG – The City of Harrisburg signed a contract with Deaconess Illinois EMS, giving the ambulance company exclusive first call rights, effective February 1.

The four year contract, approved at the Harrisburg City Council meeting on Dec. 19, 2019, specifies that an EMS base will be located within the City of Harrisburg.

“Residents of Harrisburg now know that if they need emergency medical response, the first call will be for an ambulance from Deaconess Illinois EMS,” Mayor John McPeek said in a joint release. “This contract guarantees that there will always be 911 ambulance service in the community, staffed by EMTs or paramedics who are trained in providing life support. As Mayor, I feel our city is much safer with this service from Deaconess Illinois EMS.”

“Having grown up in Southern Illinois I know firsthand the importance of timely, dependable EMS service in communities like Harrisburg,” Dr. James Porter, President of Deaconess Health System said. “Deaconess Illinois is very pleased to continue to expand these essential services, building on successful relationships with our southern Illinois partners and fulfilling our mission to advance the health and well-being of the communities we serve.”

Deaconess Illinois EMS also owns and operates ground ambulance bases in Eldorado and Gallatin County, and recently expanded their relationship with Air Evac for collaborative air ambulance service in southern Illinois.