Three Arrested Sunday in Connection with Mitchell Museum Burglary

Three Arrested Sunday in Connection with Mitchell Museum Burglary

MT. VERNON – Mt. Vernon police arrested three people late Sunday night in connection with a burglary at the Mitchell Museum.

According to release from the Mt. Vernon Police Department (MVPD), around 9:30 Sunday night, dispatch received a report of a burglary in progress to a residence on the grounds of Mitchell Museum. An employee of the Museum was observing three subjects breaking in via a video surveillance system.

Officers from the Mt Vernon Police Department and a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department K9 Unit responded to the scene, initially locating and detaining 20-year-old Damian Bunner in the area of the residence.

The Jefferson County K9 Team, with back up from Mt Vernon Officers, then began a search of the residence, leading to two more subjects being taken into custody – 18-year-old Alexander Kuhn and a 15-year-old juvenile.

All arrested are or had been residents of the Spero Group Home on Richview Rd. All three individuals were charged with burglary.

Kuhn was additionally charged with obstructing identification for allegedly providing false information about his identity to officers.

Bunner and Kuhn were taken to the Jefferson County Jail to await the formal filing of charges and the setting of bail. The juvenile was released to Spero Staff as they didn’t have enough points to justify incarceration in a juvenile detention facility.