Pritzker Files Appeal Against Stay-at-Home Order Block

Pritzker Files Appeal Against Stay-at-Home Order Block

CHICIGO – Governor J.B. Pritzker filed an appeal Tuesday to overturn Judge Michael McHaney’s block on a stay-at-home order extension.

Clay County Circuit Court Judge McHaney ruled Monday against Governor Pritzker’s executive order, granting a restraining order to temporarily block the continued stay-at-home order set for May 1.

The block would only apply to downstate representative Darren Bailey, who personally filed a lawsuit against the governor’s stay-at-home extension. However, Pritzker could not issue an executive order for the state that would only exempt Bailey.

McHaney ruled the order “shredded the constitution,” but the governor said this is about life or death.

Pritzker’s appeal filed by Attorney General Kwame Raoul asks the Clay County court to “reverse and vacate” Monday‘s order and “dissolve the temporary restraining order, and grant any other appropriate relief.”