SSM Health Furloughing 2,000 Employees, Cutting Expenses

SSM Health Furloughing 2,000 Employees, Cutting Expenses

ST. LOUIS, MO – In a Monday press release, SSM Health announced it will be furloughing employees and cutting expenses in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Per the release, the healthcare organization will defer non-critical capital projects, freeze discretionary expenses, and furlough approximately 2,000 employees, roughly 5-percent of its workforce. In addition to the furloughs, other employees will have their hours reduced.

According to the company, furloughed employees will continue to be employed by SSM Health and can return to their position at the end of the furlough period. They are also eligible to receive state and federal financial assistance due to unemployment insurance and provisions under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).

SSM Health said it will cover the cost of health benefits for furloughed employees.

The furloughs are expected to last 13 weeks, but employees could be brought back to work sooner.