Benton City Council Approves City’s Budget, Noting Possible Changes

Benton City Council Approves City’s Budget, Noting Possible Changes

BENTON – The Benton City Council approved the city’s Fiscal Year 2020-2021 budget by a vote of four to one at Monday night’s meeting.

The budget shows total projected revenue will be just over $3 million with total projected expenditures totaling just over $3.1 million.

The council passed the budget as is, but Mayor Fred Kondritz said the coronavirus pandemic may force the city to make changes to it at some point down the road due to the loss of revenue from the economic impact the pandemic is having on local businesses.

Kondritz added he has been talking with other southern Illinois mayors since the pandemic started. He said they are all wondering where the money for their cities will come from and if the federal or state government will back them up.

Streets and Improvements Commissioner Lee Messersmith did not vote for the budget, saying he wanted questions answered about how certain personnel issues would affect the budget, which Accounts and Finance Commissioner Cathy Ann Garavalia did not answer at the meeting.

Messersmith did agree with Garavalia the budget is a guideline on how the projected revenue will come in and how it will be spent.