Williamson Co. Offers Accessible Ballots for Visually Impaired

Williamson Co. Offers Accessible Ballots for Visually Impaired

MARION – The Williamson County Clerk’s office in Marion is offering accessible vote by mail ballots to visually impaired voters in Williamson County for this year’s election.

County Clerk Amanda Barnes said the process is similar to the Illinois State Board of Elections’ Military and Oversees Voter Empowerment (MOVE) process, allowing overseas military personnel to receive a ballot electronically, then return a marked hard copy to an election authority for voting.


Barnes said once voting is done, the ballot will need printed off and returned to the County Clerk’s office in a secure vote-by-mail envelope. The system was developed by Voting Works, a non-partisan non-profit developer of election systems.
Meanwhile, Barnes says due to COVID-19 the number of requests for mail-in ballots has increased compared to past elections.

If you plan to vote in person, Barnes noted COVID-19 guidelines will be in place to keep voters and workers safe.

For more information or to find where you go to vote or to request a mail-in ballot, call the Williamson County Clerk’s Office at 998-2112 or email abarnes@williamsoncountyil.gov.