What Lzzy Hale Is Thinking Before The Show

What Lzzy Hale Is Thinking Before The Show

Lzzy Hale has been performing for a very long time, but she still gets some pre-show jitters.

In a recent interview, she spoke about her thoughts and feelings right before she goes on.  She admitted that there’s still a little bit of “panic”.

“And I say ‘panic’ in such a positive way. And something different will always trigger it, whether somebody says, ‘Hey, we only have 10 minutes till showtime,’ and then, all of a sudden, I’ll be, like, ‘Oooh’ — [I’ll feel] this electricity. And all of a sudden, your mindset just changes, and it’s almost like you just become sharpened — ‘Okay, it’s happening. The task at hand is happening. It’s real.”

What is Lzzy up to lately?  She’s been working on material for Halestorm’s fifth studio LP.

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