Local Law Enforcement Warning of New Amazon Phone Scam

Local Law Enforcement Warning of New Amazon Phone Scam

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS – Local law enforcement is warning of a new Amazon phone scam.

According to police, the number appears as a local number and upon answering the call, a recording will play the individual’s Amazon account has been compromised by someone that has charged $729 to your account in Dayton, OH. It then directs to press one to speak with an Amazon Rep to “clear up the matter.”

Upon pressing one, a foreign-speaking person says they’re able to clear up the matter with some information from you.

Other calls have claimed to be from Apple with an Apple account that was compromised but when speaking to an actual person, they say they’re with Amazon.

When they realize you aren’t going to fall for their scam, they disconnect you and you get yet another recording that says “you have been cut from this conference call.”

Police advised to not share any information and always make sure to be certain of the person calling before giving personal or financial information.

They added if someone has given personal information by mistake, he/she should immediately contact local law enforcement agency to make a police report is filed.