Pritzker to Sign Four Bills Expanding Economic Equity

Pritzker to Sign Four Bills Expanding Economic Equity

SPRINGFIELD – Gov. JB Pritzker will sign a package of four bills designed to increase economic equity and opportunities across the state.

He said the new laws will tackle discrimination and inequities from several angles:

  • Cap interest on short-term loans at 36 percent
  • Strengthen Equal Pay Act to help ensure minorities are paid and promoted the same as white counterparts in a similar position
  • Prevent employers form disqualifying candidates with criminal record unless it substantially relates to the job
  • Increase access to public housing
  • Boost diversity among businesses awarded state contracts


State Rep. Sonya Haper of Chicago said the changes will help “in so many ways.”


The legislation is one of the four pillars pushed by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus. Education and criminal justice reform laws have already been signed into law.