City of Marion Creates ‘Destination Alleyway,’ Receives $3K Grant

City of Marion Creates ‘Destination Alleyway,’ Receives $3K Grant

MARION – As part of ongoing downtown revitalization efforts, the City of Marion received $3,000 from State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Company Grant, according to a release from the city.

With the funds, the City said it plans to create “Destination Alleyway”, a visual intervention in 4 alleyways linking underutilized city parking lots to it’s historic downtown Plaza.

    1. Create and install traffic calming artwork for pedestrian safety in 4 of the 8 alleyways
      connecting Tower Square Plaza to city parking lots.
    2. Install overhead decorative lighting in each of the 4 primary alleys to improve safety of
      pedestrian traffic at night, encourage parking lot usage in the evenings and maximize
      aesthetic appeal as part of the Downtown Revitalization Plan.
    3. 3. Develop and implement a city-wide asphalt art initiative that engages the community in a
      way that promotes community pride, neighborhood ownership, revitalization efforts and
      traffic safety.

Officials said the benefits of the project are an innovative trifold between roadway/pedestrian safety, neighborhood revitalization and small business development.

“Our solution is to make the alleyways a destination that is sought as part of the downtown experience,” Marion Mayor Mike Absher stated. “These spaces are more than a conduit between parking and merchants, but an opportunity for creative placemaking while providing a safe, traffic calming passageway that pedestrians enjoy.”

The city said in the release it views art as a catalyst to improve street safety, revitalize public spaces, and bring the community together.