Local Lounge

Local Lounge

Rock 105 TAO loves supporting local musicians.  

Whether you’re local to Southern Illinois, or maybe you’re considered “local” 
from your city, we want to check out your stuff!!!

Your music that is. 

If you’re interested in joining the Local Lounge family, 
please email stella@mywithersradio.com.  

Here’s what we need:
1. Info! Such as: Band name, where you’re located, and a brief band bio.
2. Your music! An mp3 of a song that you think fits with the music we are already playing.  Hey and even if it doesn’t, (and it’s not country music) send it our way and we’ll be the judge! If we agree that it fits and doesn’t suck, we may play your song!

Note- if your song includes any explicit content, please send us an edited version!