Waking Up Late With Zigz


I googled “how to write a perfect radio bio”, here goes…

It says I should, “tell you my personal story”… Well, I was born & raised in Nashville, TN.  Spent the majority of my life there, sans some time in Georgia, Florida, & Cali.  For the past 20 years, I’ve worked in radio, specifically in Rock radio.  It literally changed my life.  I’ve be able to experience some REALLY amazing things… hung out with A LOT of people and artists… I have seen SO MANY shows, too many to count!  I mean, seriously… I consider myself lucky.  And that, is pretty much who I am.  Just a guy, who considers himself lucky to be doing what he does… never taking anything too seriously… just looking to hang out, have some laughs, and play some tasty tracks.

It says I should, “display my name have a tag-line”… GTFOH, seriously? Like, Zigz… Melts in your mouth, not in your hands?  Zigz… Where’s the beef?  Zigz… 15 minutes could save you 15% or more or car insurance?  Yeah, no thanks.

It says I should, “humble brag”… BUT, I don’t like to brag. I am lucky enough to have done some pretty cool s#!% though!  I look forward to sharing some of those stories on-air… although some we will have to keep nameless.

It says I should, “write about myself in the 3rd person”… Oh, well then.  Zigz apparently doesn’t follow directions well.

It says I should, “keep it short”… The End.